Cashflow Mastery Webinar for Business Owners

Even in 2016, it is obvious that Cashflow is still king. The majority of our clients also identify Cashflow as an area they wish to focus on and improve, no matter what stage or size business they have.

Hosted by Melissa Healy from DFK Everalls in Canberra and Michael Gray from DFK Gray Perry in Adelaide, this webinar will help you identify the gaps to close in your cashflow management strategy.

This great investment of your time and energy will have a significant positive impact on your business in 2016. Bonuses include a Cashflow Budget Template, a best practice Debtors Management Guide and the chance to win one of 15 Cashflow Review Strategy Sessions with a DFK Advisor.

You can watch this highly valuable, practical & insightful webinar workshop now, or contact us if you would like a free cashflow consultation with one of our advisors.