DFK Gooding Partners

August 2, 2021

DFK Gooding Partners are thrilled to announce that DFK International has signed a three year global agreement and strategic partnership with Xero.

DFK International has secured a global deal with cloud-based accounting software, Xero. It is only the second international accounting organisation to partner with the New Zealand-founded company. representing a strategic advantage over the Big 4 and second tier global firms and associations.

The partnership commenced in July 2021 and aligns DFK as a ‘Xero Global Partner’, with Xero as DFK’s preferred cloud accounting solution for member firms and small business clients.

‘We’ve been delivering value for our clients on the Xero platform for several years now’ said Managing Partner Stephen Bushell ‘the new DFK strategic partnership is the next step in strengthening this relationship. The agreement will allow us to leverage from the extensive knowledge within the Xero Dedicated Enterprise Team and deliver new insights and deeper value for our clients.’

Today 53 DFK member firms, in 14 countries already utilise the power of Xero, along with 9,000+ DFK clients harnessing Xero to succeed and thrive. DFK Hirn Newey partner and DFK International Vice President (Asia Pacific) Paul Fiumara was the spearhead for the international partnership, after having already
secured a national deal for mid-tier accounting association DFK Australia and New Zealand (DFK ANZ) in 2017.

‘Being global partners with Xero fits perfectly with our value propositions. At the International level we see DFK standing for Digitally Enabled, Future Focused and Knowledgeable Experts. Nationally, it’s Local Knowledge, National Connections and a Global Reach,’ he said. ‘Xero fits beautifully with our values and provides the glue between the two – being digitally enabled, having local knowledge, and our global reach. It also sends the message to the business community that we are an organisation that is capable of delivering on their needs. It demonstrates our commitment to remaining relevant and to maintaining the highest levels of standards and knowledge in emerging practices and technologies.’

Rachael Powell, Chief Customer Officer, Xero, ‘We’re excited to be partnering on a global level to empower DFK’s member firms to drive insightful conversations with their clients, using up-to-date information in Xero. These accurate financial insights, coupled with expert knowledge from their advisor, enables small businesses to focus on their goals such as growing their business, exploring new markets, or improving processes.’

Why Xero?

Xero is a leading global cloud accounting software platform for small businesses and advisors, from leading national and global accounting partners to industry associations worldwide. By working closely with Xero, DFK Gooding Partners will be able to work more efficiently and deliver real-time data and help clients better understand and use this information. Helping business owners explore what matters most to them – whether that’s growing their business, diversifying their products and services, exploring new markets, improving processes, or going completely digital.

Xero offers an ecosystem of over 1000 third-party apps and 200 plus connections to banks and other financial partners.

We hope that you are as excited by this partnership as we are are. If you have any queries about this partnership and the benefits offered please visit the DFK Xero Hub or contact your DFK Gooding Partners account representative.