DFK Gooding Partners

December 17, 2019

Categories: Events & Webinars

Earlier this month DFK Gooding Partners co-hosted its six monthly DFK Business breakfast.  These events provide an opportunity for our firm to offer clients access to some great speakers and to facilitate networking opportunities with like-minded business owners and clients.

We were fortunate to have Julian Pace founder and CEO of Happiness Co, speak with our audience on his personal journey leading up to and following the loss of his father.  It was a confronting and real account of dealing with fear, guilt, depression and choice.

Some of the messages which resonated greatly with the team at DFK Gooding Partners included:

  • You make hundreds of choices everyday, are those choices taking you away from or towards the person you want to be?
  • Behaviour becomes habit – behave in the way that you want to be seen as being.
  • Develop the tools, conversations and courage to communicate what you need.
    “Hard conversations = easy life, Easy conversations = hard life”.
  • You can be scared and still be brave.
  • Pain is real, suffering is a choice – things happen in life, sometimes very painful, hurtful or confusing things. How you react to them, overcome them or embrace them is your choice.
  • Look for the good and embrace gratitude.
  • Hurt people, hurt people.

There were so many messages of hope, triumph and joy. Above all Julian’s journey was one of giving, sharing and his genuine appreciation of life and love.  The lessons our staff took away from his presentation were a mixture of personal reflection and a better appreciation of the person, colleague and worker they want to be.