Sue joined DFK Gooding Partners in July 2023 as Corporate Secretarial Manager.

With 20 years of ASIC lodgement experience, Sue has a deep understanding of the requirements and processes related to ASIC lodgements. This includes submitting annual reports, financial statements, change of director details, and other corporate filings to ensure compliance with Australian corporate law.

Sue’s role involves staying abreast of ASIC regulatory compliance, ensuring that all corporate filings and disclosures are completed accurately and submitted within specified deadlines.

Sue has been the primary point of contact between employers and ASIC, handling any inquiries or correspondence related to lodgements and compliance matters. A role that will continue at DFK Gooding Partners.

Sue has had the opportunity to lead a team of administrative professionals, ensuring the smooth functioning of the corporate secretary’s office.

Sue has two teenage daughters and spends her spare time walking by the beach, reading and watching basketball.

Memberships and Qualifications

  • Diploma in Business Administration Level 4 (NVQ)
  • Responsible ASIC Registered Agent (CPDForAccountants)
  • ASIC Registered Agent (Ab2 Institute of Accounting)