Business Improvement Program

Enhance the overall value of your business through financial optimisation and operational efficiency

Through financial analysis combined with strategic planning, our business advisory team works with business owners to unlock unrealized potential within their companies. Our goal is to make your business more attractive to investors, potential buyers, and better positioned to capitalise on future growth opportunities.

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Real time, comparative valuations and benchmarking for your business

Understand where your business ranks against factors such as profit, bus cap rates/profit multiples and value benchmarks for the majority of SME sectors as categorised by the ANZSIC. APES 225 compliant outcomes that meet regulatory guidelines for SME valuations.


Improve your profitability

Our business improvement program conducts a thorough assessment of your operations to devise an optimal strategy for growth. We identify and assist with implementing strategic initiatives that capitalise on revenue growth opportunities, improve cost-efficiency, and optimise pricing strategies.


Increase your business value and sale price

Research shows that businesses with a well-structured exit plan tend to achieve a higher sale price when compared to those without such a plan. Businesses that effectively execute exit strategies also often experience shorter time-to-sale and overall superior sale outcomes.

Our business improvement process

All business improvement engagements start with a complimentary business improvement assessment. This is followed by a series of workshops, and strategic reports with action items for you and your team. To ensure you stay on track during implementation, we offer a range of support options.


Start with our short, no-obligation, business improvement assessment to identify the key opportunities and risks your business could be facing. This 10 question survey is done completely online, and can be completed in under 5 minutes.


Once risk assessments are completed, we facilitate face-to-face workshops with key stakeholders and our advisory specialists. The workshops will cover SME sector benchmarks, research statistics, SWOT analysis and goals, strategies and key action items.


All outputs from the workshops are captured in a Strategic Report. This report includes market leading benchmarking against similar SME’s; summaries of key analysis; recommends business improvement strategies, and is supported with our advice for implementation.


Once you have started implementation, we offer a range of tailored support packages to help keep you on track. These range from basic monthly check-ins to virtual CFO programs that can be tailored to your business needs and budget.

Meet the team

Corporate Advisory Services are led by Steven Tindale and Adrian Van Dam. Both Steven and Adrian are Partners of DFK Gooding Partners and have significant experience in providing business and corporate advisory, including CFO roles, advisory boards, valuations and performing due diligence on potential mergers and acquisitions (both buy and sell side).

Steven Tindale


Adrian van Dam


Take your complimentary business improvement assessment

We offer a no-obligation, business improvement assessment to identify the key opportunities and risks your business is facing. The survey is done completely online, and can be completed in under 5 minutes.

Business improvement program FAQs

Some of the most commonly asked questions we receive regarding business improvement services are below. Please contact us with your own questions, or for further clarification on the answers below.

Business Value Improvement (BVI) is a strategic approach to enhance a company’s overall worth through financial optimisation and operational efficiency.

If you are considering selling your business, attracting new investors, or seeking to improve your profitability, pursuing BVI can be a highly important and rewarding strategy.

Business valuations sit at centre of every business improvement engagement. We will value your business at the start of an engagement, and again at the end. In addition, throughout the program you will receive continued communicating regarding the value of your business.

We are active in the M&A market in Western Australia, and have insight into projected values of businesses should they be sold on the open market.

A 3-to-5-year horizon to exit a business is the typical timeframe that we advise to clients. That said, every business and business owner is different.

For business owners with a sale obejctive, we will discuss the exit timing in our initial workshop and develop our improvement program around those timelines.

We suggest 12-24 months as a minimum timeframe for an improvement program before selling a business. This allows time for business improvements to be actioned, and the financial outcomes to be measured.

We typically focus on financial management, operational efficiency, strategic planning, sales and marketing. However, the exact mix will depend on your specific circumstances, and business objectives.

Yes, as part of our program we can conduct market analysis, identify emerging trends and develop strategies to help you seize new growth opportunities. We also provide SME benchmarking to understand how you are performing within your industry.

While there are a number of metrics that can measure the success of our business improvement services, SME industry benchmarking and the final valuation are the two we consider to be the most important. We will provide an initial valuation of your business prior to commencing the business improvement process. This ensures we can accurately measure our progress.

We have real time access to the most accurate & largest database of SME valuation benchmarks – an essential tool when valuing a business. These benchmarks provide excellent audit integrity, and mitigate potential dispute resolutions.

Our benchmarking includes valuation multiples, financial performance ratios and industry performance comparisons

Yes, we offer ongoing support, monitoring, and performance tracking to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of BVI initiatives. Ongoing support can include a board of advice program, or external CFO service, amongst other types of support.

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