Corporate secretarial services for companies

Directors have a fiducial duty to follow the rules, but many do not know where to start. Not adhering to the legal requirements of company administration can be a costly mistake and directors can be liable for any misdemeanors even if not at fault. By outsourcing this role our experienced Corporate Secretarial team can guide you through the ins and outs of the Corporations Act and the rules to be followed to ensure you and your company remain compliant.

We provide clients with a full service solution, however some of our more commonly engaged services are listed here.

  • Provision of a Registered Office for your company.

  • Acting as ASIC Registered Agent for Australian companies and local agent for foreign registered companies (branch).

  • Preparation and maintenance of Statutory Registers

  • Incorporations and deregistrations

  • Annual and periodic statutory reporting requirements with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the Australian Stock Exchange Limited

  • Changes to share capital including allotments, transfers, redemptions, consolidations, reductions, conversions and share buy-backs.

  • Facilitation of statutory meetings of directors and shareholders of companies

  • The review of statutory records and advice and assistance in complying with statutory requirements

  • Business name registrations, renewals and cancellations

  • Dividend statements

Corporate secretarial services for trusts

There are many reasons to establish a trust. This includes estate planning in addition to business and investment purposes. A trust is created through the drafting of a trust deed, usually by a lawyer or solicitor. The most common types being a discretionary trust (family trust) or a unit trust. The deed is an important and complex legal document which administers the trust, without this the trust is invalid and cannot carry on any business.

Not all deeds are the same and DFK Gooding Partners will review and provide accurate documents to facilitate any changes in accordance with the terms of the trust deed.

  • Establishing discretionary and unit trusts

  • Preparation and maintenance of unit registers

  • Allotments and transfers of units

  • Trustee minutes and resolutions

  • Amendments and variations to trust deeds including changes to trustees, appointors and/or guardians

  • Safekeeping of original documents

  • Vesting

Meet our corporate secretarial specialists

Our corporate secretarial specialists are led by Sue Cowpe. Sue holds over 17 years of experience in public practice.

Sue Cowpe


Have you considered outsourcing your corporate secretarial services?

Corporate Managed Services (CMS) offers a range of integrated outsourced services including corporate secretarial, payroll and more. Find out how we can streamline your business administration today.

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