Starting a graduate career with us

For students still studying, we offer a selection of paid vacation positions throughout the year. These positions are designed to set you up for a graduate career upon finishing your studies.

For students in their final year, or recently completed undergraduate or postgraduate degree, our Graduate Program provides the opportunity for a full-time position at DFK Gooding Partners. You’ll gain hands-on experience with a diverse range of private practice clients, and accelerate your career with training opportunities and exposure to the DFK global network.

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CA program support

All module fees paid. 2 days study leave and 1 day exam leave for each technical module. CA Program Co-ordinator, mentors and supporting study materials provided.


Along with full support to the CA ANZ program, our affiliation with DFK ANZ also gives our graduates enrolment to the People Development Program (PDP). The PDP program provides formal training on key areas of service including Taxation, Superannuation, Audit and Xero Accreditation, and acts as an opportunity to work with a large clientele across multiple industries. You will also receive internal training workshops and seminars to continuously improve you career development.

Practical Experience Program Support

CA Candidates are required to track their three years of qualifying experience against a set of competencies. To assist all employees to achieve the required compentencies, a qualified CA line manager and mentor will be assigned to each candidate.

In House Training

Regular training for graduates and weekly staff training for all staff.

1. Submit your interest in joining us

Apply directly to our HR team via Attach your academic transcript, resume and a cover letter, we review every application personally.

2. Undertake a first interview

We will contact you to arrange a quick Teams/Zoom catch up with our HR team

3. Undertake a personal interview in the office

The next step is to meet us for an interview, this will be with representatives from our management group, people that you will end up working directly with

4. Tour and meet and greets

You will end your interview with a tour of the office, get to see our amazing view and meet some of our accounting staff – the ones you will get to work alongside.

5. Receive an offer

If successful we will call you to discuss our offer and make everything official, we will also outline the induction program and the timing for joining the PDP and CA ANZ programs.

You can apply in your final year of study, or within 24 months after you finished university at the time of application.

We welcome international students to apply for our graduate intake, however you must meet the following eligibility criteria

  • You will hold an Australian student visa in January 2023 or have held an Australian student visa since January 2022
  • You will have completed a Bachelor degree or higher with an Accounting or STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) major by December 2021
  • The degree was completed in Australia for at least the last two years
  • You are currently residing lawfully in Australia and have always complied with Australian immigration requirements
  • You have completed an English language test in the last 24 months and have obtained a ‘Proficient’ level of English, as set by the Department of Home Affairs (unless exempt)
  • You agree to submit an application either immediately upon completing your degree or upon your commencement date with EY for either a Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485) visa in the Post-Study Work Stream or the Skilled – Independent (subclass 189) visa
  • DFK Gooding Partners will not sponsor students for the purposes of residency. Successful candidates who are not permanent residents when made a graduate offer will be required to independently apply for and obtain permanent residency

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Graduate career development plans, tailored to your specific needs

Graduate positions within DFK Gooding Partners include enrolment into the DFK ANZ People Development Plan (PDP), a two-year program for undergraduates and postgraduates providing formal training, mentoring, specialist Xero education, and collaboration opportunities within the DFK network in Australian and New Zealand.

DFK ANZ is a national group of DFK International, a global top 10 accounting association operating in over 100 countries.

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Submit an expression of interest

Apply for a graduate role by completing our expression of interest form. We typically assessing applications immediately and will be in touch with candidates who meet oureligibility criteria. Please note we cannot respond to all submissions.

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