DFK Gooding Partners

December 17, 2019

Like clockwork, the people of Perth scramble to get their last minute shopping done and with Christmas only weeks away, it’s not surprising that trading hours in Perth have been extended.

The McGowan Government has approved an additional 35 hours of trading for Perth metro general retail shops from Saturday 7th December through to New Year's day. For staff, the Christmas and New Year period generally means a few extra hours at work to meet customer deadlines, help out with stocktake, cover leave or to make the transition into January nice and smooth.

During this period, please consider how extra hours worked will impact payroll. Your underpinning award will list the normal spread of hours, overtime penalties and what happens if your staff work back or come in for an extra shift on the weekend.

Remember, paying above the minimum Award rates doesn't exempt you from the conditions and penalties of the Award unless it is very clearly documented in your employment contracts.

Don’t get caught out underpaying your staff. Check that your payroll is set up correctly and get on the front foot now.

Feel free to contact GPHR’s director, Wendy Jeffery-Lonnie, on (08) 9327 1777 for more information now!