DFK Gooding Partners

December 8, 2020

With some borders opening just in time for Christmas, the WA government is ramping up business obligations for contact tracing purposes. From 5 December 2020, food and licenced venues, as well as gyms and sporting centres, entertainment venues, real-estate inspections, function centres and accommodation facilities will have to keep a mandatory contact register for their staff, contractors and visitors. This ensures that in the event of a Coronavirus outbreak, those infected (or potentially infected) can be quickly traced.

There are some hefty fines in place for businesses that don’t follow the new requirements, although rest assured, contact registers do not need to be sophisticated or complex.

The WA government has made setting up your contact register very easy with the introduction of the ‘WA Safe’ app. The app provides a QR code that businesses can ask patrons to scan on arrival. This way they can fill in their details. For those preferring less ‘tech based’ systems, a paper system would be just as effective. Registers must clearly show the date and time of arrival, the patron’s name (all attendees must be listed) and contact numbers.

For more information on how to set up your SafeWA account or get a template for a paper register, go to https://www.wa.gov.au/organisation/covid-communications/covid-19-coronavirus-contact-registers, or call DFK Gooding Partners and we can walk you through the requirements and setting up these systems for your own business.