Tax Year End 2019 – Time is ticking, start your tax action plan now

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Be aware that 30 June 2019 is a Sunday so review your tax affairs now and consider making strategic decisions for your business. Always ensure that you consider the cash flow impacts to your business and if the new assets/expenses are prudent business strategies. If you are considering the expenditures, then timing in June versus [...]

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Division 7A Loan Repayments

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Division 7A Traps – Loan Repayments that are NOT Loan Repayments! Division 7A (or Div 7A for short!) is an anti-avoidance measure designed to prevent private companies from making tax-free distributions of profits to shareholders or to their associates in the form of payments, loans, forgiven debts or via the use of private company assets. [...]

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Distributing to Corporate Beneficiaries

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Distributing to Corporate Beneficiaries and Division 7a Tax Consequences If you have a Trust in your operating or investment structure, it is crucial that you have a basic understanding of your Div 7A obligations. For those who’d like to undertake some additional reading on this topic, refer to ATO Tax Ruling TR 2010/3 or ATO Practice [...]

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Private Company Loans

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Dealing with Division 7a for Private Company Loans Division 7a (Div 7a) is a subject that comes up regularly for our clients that have a private company in their operating or investment structure.  This is a complex area of taxation law and this article only scratches the surface. Div 7A deals with shareholders or a shareholder’s associate inappropriately [...]

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